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Documentum : ACL template, Permission Set Template with Alias Set (PART 1 : theory)
Hello, This post is relating to Permission Set Template (PST) or ACL Template available in Documentum. This feature is naturally coupled with Alias Set.   Summary: PST + Alias Set = Normal ACL   Concerning the theoretic aspects, I advise an excellent article highlighting that the PST feature is rarely used, probably due to developers lack of understanding and the complexity of designing security model ...more»
Java/Web: Set cache control in response with Http Filter (HttpCacheFilter)
Hi, The purpose of this paper is to evaluate solutions to manage the browser cache at the application level, using the HTTP headers. This post will start with some explanations concerning the cache in client-server exchanges, then simple examples, and finally with a solution based on http filter allowing the activation of caching on the browser side in order to reduce ...more»
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