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Tomcat 6 : Windows Service : Tools
Hi, In this article, I will try to expose a Tomcat server installed like Windows service. We will use Tomcat6, Windows7 and Jdk 6. First, our Tomcat server is installed in the "C:\MyFiles\Development\Java\tools\TomCat" folder with the following executables: - Tomcat6 is a service application for running Tomcat6 as NT service. - Tomcat6w is a GUI application for monitoring and configuring Tomcat services. Before to expose Tomcat ...more»
Tools/Java: LogAnalyzer
Here, a simple solution of log analyzer which allows error searching; This tools gives the possibility to search specific error keywords and skip others: Following, examples of searching report: Some figures of the above reports: - 2 seconds for the analyze of file whose size is 47Mo - 34 seconds for the analyze of file whose size is 110Mo of course, these figures depend of ...more»
Tools: JBoss Tattletale
JBoss Tattletale is a tool that can help you get an overview of the project you are working on or a product that you depend on. It scans the Java Archives (.JAR) files, traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package. More, it is a valuable analysis tool of JARs related to JAVA projects. ...more»
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