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Documentum : Locale, Date Storage, Update of Last Modification Date / Last Modifier (r_normal_tz, r_tz_aware, r_modify_date)
Hi, Just a post concerning the locale, date storing and updating of r_modify_date/r_modifier fields in Documentum, indeed, these fields are overridden automatically during the document's saving. Thus, it's necessary to store and set the previous values of these fields. An other solution could be the creation of a custom attribute 'processing_date' corresponding to the date of action/request on objects. Locale / ...more»
Sencha/ExtJs: How to clear the store and update a paging toolbar?
A small post on a problem encountred with EXTJS 4.0.2. I have a GridPanel with a paging toolbar. This grid is loaded with store (ajax, server; json...etc). And the paging toolbar allows the navigation in all pages with each time, a automatical ajax request is done from client's store to server. During these exchanges, (at each request) the parameters ...more»
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