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Documentum : BUG in DQL Date Functions When Together Use Of DATEFLOOR, DATEDIFF, DATETOSTRING and DATEADD
Hello, Just a post concerning the BUG of use of DATEFLOOR, DATEDIFF, DATETOSTRING and DATEADD together. To illustrate this problem, for example, we would like to list the documents (r_object_id) modified during the last year: ==> Error occured during query execution :error: "A Parser Error (syntax error) has occurred in the vicinity of: SELECT r_object_id FROM dm_document WHERE r_modify_date >= "   ==> Error occured ...more»
Java/Ehcache: A simple example of use of Ehcache 2.6.2
Hi, After my post about a homemade solution of Data caching (Java/Spring: Data caching – Intercept method calls and put their returns in server-side cache with AOP/MBEAN/JCONSOLE), you would introduce a simple use of Ehcache framework. Presentation I am also beginner in the use of Ehcache, so, for more information, Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache for boosting performance, offloading your ...more»
Java: Use of JVM variable argument (Spring, properties file, outside of classpath scope)
Hello, I know, I have not been writing on my blog since a long time, but, I have been very busy with a challenge project. So, today, I start with a mini-post concerning the use of JVM variable/argument. We will study a concret example to specifiy the place of a configuration file outside of classpath scope. Needs We need to precise the ...more»
Java/Oracle: Call and use the database views
Hello, In this first post on 'database entity', I would write some words concerning the call and use of the database views in java code. In this post, I will not present the details of view's creation in database, for this point, see the official documentation of your database, for Oracle 10g CREATE VIEW: The main advantages of view are: Hide certain ...more»
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