GWT: FlexTable show / hide column
During my self-training on GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and GAE (Google App Engine) which will be the topic of several next posts (presentation GWT and GEA, creation of new application with 2 interfaces JSP and GWT, securised by Spring security and the persistence with JPA/App Engine datastore, deployment on GEA..), I have encountered a deficiency or missing method in the ...more»
Spring: Customize the XmlWebApplicationContext
Hi, I will expose you a solution implemented in order to: - filter imports/resource loading in a spring context of general applicationContext.xml, - filter resources in imports or even overloading of beans, - test the environment and conditionally add path locations, For our example, in an web application with a root context definition applicationContext.xml: This context is loaded in the web.xml file of web application: In our ...more»
Spring: Web Application – Spring MVC and UTF-8 Encoding with CharacterEncodingFilter
In the web based application, it is necessary to encode the incoming request and outgoing response in UTF-8 in order to have a application compliant with all characters. It exists a http filter to set the contentType attribute including the content type and the encoding of the content writer (see Servlet specification). The CharacterEncodingFilter class provided by Spring enables an automatic ...more»
Backup your projects
Hello again, Here, I expose a simple solution to backup your developments in the remote directory \\YOUR_SERVER_or_EXTERNALDISK\backupWorkspaces\. To do this: - Create file "backup.dat" in your Eclipse workspace ie "R:\java\dev\eclipse_workspaces\default-3.3": - Create file "backup_listfile.txt" in your Eclipse workspace ie "R:\java\dev \eclipse_workspaces\default-3.3": - Create a Windows scheduled task ("Scheduled Task") that runs the daily BATCH. Notes: -  This batch uses 7zip compressor to be installed in C:\Program Files\7-Zip. - You ...more»
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