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Documentum : DQL : Repeating Attribute DM_QUERY_E_REPEAT_REG, DM_QUERY2_E_REPEAT_TYPE_JOIN
Hello All, I am running the below query in order to list the documents created after 23/09/2015, whose the name starts with 'javalu' and attached/associated with the ASPECTS aspect_1 or aspect_2: NOTE : r_aspect_name is repeating attribute. SELECT doc.r_object_id, doc.r_aspect_name FROM dm_document doc LEFT OUTER JOIN dm_acl mAcl ON mAcl.object_name = doc.acl_name WHERE LOWER(doc.object_name) like 'javalu%' AND (any doc.r_aspect_name = 'aspect_1' or any doc.r_aspect_name = ...more»
Documentum : Creation of audit trail entries dm_audittrail
Hi, Here, a Documentum DFC standalone sample program in order to create entries in dm_audittrail. DCTM provides several more evolved methods for example to register an audit event (dm_save) for specific custom object and its subtypes and including new values of attributes in order to create automatically entries, Very good article :   Here, a simple code in order to create audit ...more»
ECM-Documentum : Writing in log of method/job execution
Hello, During the implementation of a custom method in Documentum (via Composer), we have the possibility to generate a specific log (dm_document stored in DCTM) for each method's execution via a PrintWriter object provided by Documentum DFC:   During the execution or calling of method, it is necessary to precise the save_results=true parameter :   The execution of a method returns result (or/and result_doc_id) field, ...more»
Documentum : Locale, Date Storage, Update of Last Modification Date / Last Modifier (r_normal_tz, r_tz_aware, r_modify_date)
Hi, Just a post concerning the locale, date storing and updating of r_modify_date/r_modifier fields in Documentum, indeed, these fields are overridden automatically during the document's saving. Thus, it's necessary to store and set the previous values of these fields. An other solution could be the creation of a custom attribute 'processing_date' corresponding to the date of action/request on objects. Locale / ...more»
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