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GWT/GAE: A example of GWT, Creation, Configuration GAE, Deployment on Jetty (PART1)
After the presentation of GWT and GAE, I will introduce my first experience with GWT programming and its deployment on GAE through several articles. Here the points of these articles: Prerequisites, Configuration GAE account, New Eclispe project with the type "Web Application Project", Deployment on GWT embedded server named Jetty, Evolution of the interface with GWT Designer, Deployment on a Jboss server, Deployment on a Tomcat server, Deployment on ...more»
GWT/GAE: Deployment an application on embedded server Jetty in Hosted mode
In this mini-post, we will deploy an application/project containing a simple GWT module on embedded server named Jetty in Hosted mode. As a reminder, the GWT framework provides two modes of execution depending on the context: Hosted (or managed, development): the application is run as Java bytecode and allows to debug the Java code of your application directly via the standard Java ...more»
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