In this mini-post, we will deploy an application/project containing a simple GWT module on embedded server named Jetty in Hosted mode.

As a reminder, the GWT framework provides two modes of execution depending on the context:

  • Hosted (or managed, development): the application is run as Java bytecode and allows to debug the Java code of your application directly via the standard Java debugger. This mode is used exclusively within the development environment.
  • Web: the application is translated into HTML and Javascript code and can be deployed to a webserver. And, the browser simply reads the code generated by the GWT compiler and interpreter naturally.

To deploy an application in HOSTED mode (DEVELOPMENT mode) on the server JETTY embedded in GWT framework:

  • Right-click the project and select “Run As -> Web application” or “Debug As -> Web application”,
  • This action will open a new view “Development Mode” in Eclipse,
  • Copy the url from this view and paste it in a browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome.

The “Development Mode” requires the installation the “Google Web Toolkit Developer Plugin”:
….in Internet Exporer:

….in Chrome:

That’s all!!!

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