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Documentum : Starting, Stopping, Status Probing of DCTM Services, PowerShell Script
Hello, In this post, I would like expose the starting/stopping order and the status probing of DCTM services (PART I) (Content Server, globalr docbase, custom docbase, java method server, DFS...). In a second part (PART II), we will see a way to probe these DCTM services via a POWERSHELL script.   PART I Stopping order: Documentum Java Method Server EMC Documentum Foundation Services Documentum Docbase Service mydemat Documentum ...more»
Documentum : IRM :  Apply IRM security, job dm_DMClean
Hi, I would like to expose you a simple example of interaction with the IRM server in order to encrypt and apply the IRM security on CONTENT files of a document. The IRM configuration is out of scope of this article.     IRM Briefly, EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM): Unauthorized access prevention to secured content, enabling organizations to maintain control of information ...more»
ECM-Documentum: Certification study notes and mock exams for EMC Proven’s EMC Enterprise Content Management Exam (E10-110)
Hi, After a long period of work time, i have passed the EMC Proven’s Documentum Entreprise Content Management certification (E10-110) during october 2016. I have decided to write these some words in order to share my resources/mock exams and help you to prepare this certification.     First, I have received during december 2014, the training Technical Fundamentals of Documentum (4 days) ...more»
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