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Documentum : Unexplained DM_API_E_EXIST Error, client_pcaching_change
Hello, I would like to explain information concerning an error with the message DM_API_E_EXIST with stacktraces below. The system could not retrieve the objects while they were present in the docbase, suggesting a problem of corruption or consistency. First, in Documentum, there are several levels of cache : Object type caching (cache of object type definitions), Repository session caches (existing only for ...more»
Documentum : getfile, Operating System error: Access is denied
Hello, The following error Operating System error: Access is denied could be occurred during the getting of content via the "getfile" API command: API> getfile,c,090xxxxxxxx6c ... error: "Cannot access content for (080xxxxxxx962) sysobject" error: "Use of invalid ticket for storage object with name filestore_01; storage may be improperly configured. Ticket was 00000000xxxxxe37. Data Ticket was 1." error: "Unable to rename a file matching ...more»
Eclipse/GWT: Resolve the error ‘unable to find a module’
Problem: When during the launch of an application on local Jetty server via Eclipse, there is the following error : Solution In Eclipse Run -> Run Configurations, Select your application to deploy, Go in Arguments tab, Then you have to delete the bad module which, in our case, is 'de.toolforge.googlechartwrapper.googlechartwrapper' ...more»
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