The following error Operating System error: Access is denied could be occurred during the getting of content via the “getfile” API command:
API> getfile,c,090xxxxxxxx6c

[DM_SYSOBJECT_E_CANT_READ_CONTENT]error: “Cannot access content for (080xxxxxxx962) sysobject”
[DM_STORAGE_E_BAD_TICKET]error: “Use of invalid ticket for storage object with name filestore_01; storage may be improperly configured.
Ticket was 00000000xxxxxe37. Data Ticket was 1.”
[DM_STORAGE_E_RENAME_EXT_SEARCH]error: “Unable to rename a file matching (D:\Documentum\data\MYDOCBASE\content_storage_01\000xxxxe\80\02\fe\37*)
to (D:\Documentum\data\MYDOCBASE\content_storage_01\000xxxxe\80\02\fe\37.pdf). Operating System error: Access is denied.”

=> CAUSE : This error occurs when the user used by Content Server to access file (docbase owner = dm_dbo or dmadmin) , doesn’t have the required rights on the file system path targeted in the storage element (dm_location).
=> SOLUTION : In OS, give the required rights to user on the folder and subfolders of targeted file system path.
Details :

  1. In DA, go to Storage node under Adminstration section,
  2. In the details of concerned dm_filestore object (ex: filestore_01), getting the location or path dm_location object (ex: storage_01),
  3. In the details of concerned dm_location object (ex: storage_01), getting the file systen path (ex: D:\Documentum\data\MYDOCBASE\content_storage_01\),
  4. In OS, go to the targeted file system path and check/modify the access rights of concerned user,
    Warning : check the domain of used user (“dmadmin”) : local server vs domain global

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