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Spring: Transaction visibility / proxy / propagation REQUIRED and REQUIRES_NEW
Hi, After my post Spring: Transaction propagation / readOnly on the propagation and readonly attribute, I would write some words concerning the propagation and the visibility of annoted method because I was victim to not having read up on how Spring proxies work, the ones responsible for annotation-based transaction support. So I will expose some problem via examples of how Spring proxies ...more»
Spring: Transaction propagation / readOnly
Hello, I would expose a simple post with 2 examples concerning the propagation of a transaction in the application layers (Spring MVC controller, Manager layer, Service Layer, DAO layer) with the use of Propagation.REQUIRED and the readOnly attribute in the @Transactionnal annotation like: See the official Spring documentation concerning the propagation. TEST n°1: In this 1st test, we will study a simple example with ...more»
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