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Documentum : DBLink, View, Materialized View, Register Table
Hello, A post concerning the user of DbLink, View, and Register Table in Documentum.   Presentation of DBLink In a database management system (DBMS), such as Oracle Database, a DBLink, or database link, is a database object that allows queries to be executed on another database, is physically on the same machine or is remote. A DBLink is a schema object that causes Oracle to ...more»
Documentum : DA : LDAP Servers Configuration, dm_LDAPSynchronization job
Hello, I would like to present in this post, the LDAP servers configuration in Documentum Administrator (DA) and the dm_LDAPSynchronization job.     Creation of LDAP server configuration: Go to the LDAP Servers node in DA:   Click on the FILE > LDAP Server Configuration menu:   Fill in the informations concerning the LDAP server: Warning: the name of LDAP Server Configuration must be identical to domain name. In update ...more»
Documentum : getfile, Operating System error: Access is denied
Hello, The following error Operating System error: Access is denied could be occurred during the getting of content via the "getfile" API command: API> getfile,c,090xxxxxxxx6c ... error: "Cannot access content for (080xxxxxxx962) sysobject" error: "Use of invalid ticket for storage object with name filestore_01; storage may be improperly configured. Ticket was 00000000xxxxxe37. Data Ticket was 1." error: "Unable to rename a file matching ...more»
Documentum : Starting, Stopping, Status Probing of DCTM Services, PowerShell Script
Hello, In this post, I would like expose the starting/stopping order and the status probing of DCTM services (PART I) (Content Server, globalr docbase, custom docbase, java method server, DFS...). In a second part (PART II), we will see a way to probe these DCTM services via a POWERSHELL script.   PART I Stopping order: Documentum Java Method Server EMC Documentum Foundation Services Documentum Docbase Service mydemat Documentum ...more»
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